February 20, 2012
are my favorite, I think. We thought about making a quick trip to a city somewhere on President's Day, but both of us have declared that we're really glad we stayed here today.

Today has been one of the days where we stay in and enjoy. We focus on good food and getting chores done. We make smoothies. We have "dinner" at the noon meal. We enjoy the giant snowflakes that fell all day long. We eat soup for breakfast (me. I did that.) We turn on the Harry Potter soundtrack. We make venison stir fry. We fold laundry and run the dishwasher. We bake sunflower seed cookies. We call direct tv about our bill, again (Grant). We take two 2-hour naps (Hadley). We put some chili on for tomorrow. We wonder at how the day passes so quickly when we're all home together all day.

Pretty nice for a Monday in February.


Anne said...

Could you share your recipe for sunflower seed cookies? We ate some delicious ones in China a few years ago from a little roadside stand and my husband always wants me to try and make them! :)

Kaitlyn Luce said...

Cozy and good, warm food just go together, don't they? I don't blame you for eating soup for breakfast. :-)

Nessa Bixler said...

days like that are my favorite... everyone home and good smells coming from the kitchen. Happy Monday.

Christina said...

That sounds about perfect. Well, everything minus the soup for breakfast; I have an inordinately hard time starting the day with salty food unless it's cold pizza. Yes, I'm fully aware that I'm weird. ; )

cecilia said...

yes, these days do pass quickly, don't they. i find myself thinking this every sunday (which is our little family's day at home together).
soup for breakfast sounds so comforting :)

Johanna said...

Sounds like the perfect day to me.



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