February 6, 2012


if locking your house seems a bit much.
if you can smell the coffee shop's roast wherever you are in town.
if you say you live "in town."
if the UPS guy just walks in your kitchen door to drop off a package.
if snowstorms make you think about going into a ditch, rather than getting in an accident.
if everyone gives 4-digit phone numbers, because the first 3 are always the same.
if tater tot hotdish is on the school menu. (maybe that's a minnesota thing?)
if random people know what you pay for rent.
if your chiropractor tells you, "your grandma called and wants you to stop by when you're done."
if you have to look decent at the gym. you will see someone you know on the treadmill next to you.
if it's wintertime and all the cars in the grocery store parking lot are left running.
if you rent your movies from a green box, instead of a red one.
if you get waved at whenever you leave the house.
if you've forgotten about stoplights.
if you see someone walking downtown and think "Hey, wait! I don't know who that is!"

some lessons learned by a city girl.
maybe not so city anymore.
(i've let go of locking my car.)


donya said...

haha, Tater Tot Hotdish is definitely a Minnesotan thing. Oh, the things I'll miss from MN...

Christina said...

Yeah, the UPS guy opening the front door to drop off my package still unnerves me. I guess if it were really a big deal, though, I'd start locking my door, which does, in fact, seem a bit much. : )

Nichole said...

To true. I miss small town/country life.

cecilia said...

love this. i'm a small town girl, originally. another sign you live in a small town- you've been invited to a party on someone's land.

Elise said...

This is so funny to read! I am a new yorker living in a slightly smallerish town, not like this though!

Marisa said...

I'm a city girl transplanted in a small town. It has taken me a few years to get used to it, but now I couldn't live anywhere else. I love small towns! I have no patience for stop lights; "traffic" means a tractor or backhoe is clogging up the main road. :) I still lock my doors though. Some things never leave this city girl.

Kaitlyn Luce said...

Loved this! The tater tot hotdish is totally Minnesotan. I hadn't even heard of the stuff until I worked at camp up there for the first time in 2010.

And this is why I want to live in a small town. The little things that happen every day that make life a bit more cheery.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Could totally relate on almost every point! The locking the doors thing has been hard for me to shake!

Audra Harms said...

You forgot... If your husband is genuinely surprised when he sees someone walking down the sidewalk and says, "I've never seen that person before!" Also... If you forgot your checkbook at the grocery store and they say, "You can just come pay tomorrow."

summer said...

I love picturing you reading this Tawnya, you have THE best laugh. :) I knew you'd get it!

how could I forget those?! duh. did you like the chiro story? :)

Brea said...

LOVE THIS! I can totally relate only because of my Minnesota visits to your adorable small town that I thought only happened in movies. I have another one for you. The school lockers don't have locks on them. I couldn't believe it! How is that possible? :)

Katie said...

It's refreshing to hear that places like this still exist in America! Being an LA city girl, these things only occur in books and movies and dreamland :)

Katie said...

Every one of those is true!! this made my husband and I smile.

your wishcake. said...

Insert huge, wistful sigh here.


That sounds like my kind-of-a-place. A far cry from where I'm living now!

Daisy said...

So true. I grew up in a small town and could say yes to almost all of the questions. My dad still gets mad when one of us goes home to visit and don't leave the keys in the ignition of the car. Such an inconvenience to have to ask someone for their keys before you move it. :)

Susanne said...

i think the town i was born in was a bit like this in pennsylvania, but i have no memory of it. maybe that's why the sentiment sounds so enticing. i can't believe about the UPS guy.

The Soul Anchor said...

Aaaaah! I love it! Especially the one about your chiropracter and grandma!

Creole Wisdom said...

Summer, this is wonderful. As a Minnesota (Minneapolis) girl I can attest to the greatness of small towns. It is my dream to live somewhere like Excelsior or even farther out like Waconia or Becker. I love the city, but there are days where I can't wait to pack it up.

debdodo said...

iI miss slayton

The Webbs said...

i grew up in a small town in northern az, just like this! i loved every second of it-besides seeing people i knew everywhere (never could go makeup less!)



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