May 30, 2012

     Lately I've been motivated and in the mood to do chores. Maybe it's because it's the end of school; the changing of seasons. I'm usually very dependable when it comes to ordinary chores- the dishes, making the bed, laundry, wiping counters, and general tidying up- it's the unordinary chores that I'm iffy on. The ones that maybe don't need to be done and aren't on my daily to-do list. And it's those iffy chores that I am talking about now. I am totally hooked on doing them!

   I've been putting a new chore on my regular list of things to do each day. So far I've washed the bathroom rugs, organized every item in my closet and re-folded the things on shelves, sorted baby clothes, vacuumed the hard-to-vacuum places, scrubbed hard-water stains, washed all of Hadley's toys, helped Grant get everything off the basement floor and onto shelves, and cleaned the kitchen floor on my hands and knees (twice!).

    Now that we are gearing up for the move to camp for the summer, my focus is drifting to other things, but I do still want to clean the fridge inside and out! There's nothing like putting one's affairs in order. It's so satisfying. and a little addicting. What unordinary chore do you want to put on your to-do list today?


Laura said...

I washed all of our drapes and curtains the other week. I had never done it, but I was so glad I did. They were incredibly dusty. Gross!!

Nessa Bixler said...

Adding one a day is such a great idea. I am trying to get things in order for our little #2 and I really want he house all tidy. Great plan.

Kaitlyn Luce said...

My bed skirt! I'm aware of how dusty it is, and it's driving me crazy!

Christina said...

Well, today I'm working on laundry which is pretty much an all-day chore, but last weekend I tackled all the hard-to-vacuum places in the living room and bathroom! Feels so good to see them CLEAN.

Whitney Lane said...

You're just plain inspiring!

Stef said...

I really need to clean our office/laundry room area. It has pictures and other stuff that needs hung on our walls and we've lived here since January!



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