May 16, 2012
we are counting down the last 9 days of school! 
i have been getting more productive. i used to think i could only be productive during nap time, but now i'm learning how to be fruitful in other parts of the day. (with a busy baby at my feet.) 
our favorite meal is chips and guacamole.
Hadley is 11 months old today! i don't know how, though. 
we are enjoying some Mark Driscoll. 
we are ecstatic because my twin is pregnant with her first baby! congratulations Haley & Derrick! 
i could talk baby stuff with my sister all day long.
i am loving the round-the-clock hum of lawn mowers. it's totally May. 
Hadley's squinting when she smiles, waving more readily, and helping herself to bottom drawers. 
i've been drying diapers in the sun. thinking about asking to borrow my neighbor's clothesline.
i've been appreciating my husband's friendship more than ever. 
i'm wondering how much stuff we'll pack up & move to camp this summer. 
we run out of bananas fast! i've been adding one to my quinoa every morning for breakfast. mm.
i have been making this salad with rice. very obsessed. it's my favorite lunch, dinner, and snack. 

i'm excited because i've finally found my salad. my go-to contribution salad. the one that i can bring to potlucks or family picnics and feel like it's a decent offering, and one of my favorite things.

this salad is refreshing. the ultimate refreshing. red onion sweetens a garlic lemon dressing, crunchy carrots give it an amazing bite, and cilantro, by far the star ingredient here, adds coolness and ties everything together. the rice makes it deceptively filling, enough to be a decent meal. once i have it made, i can't go too long without grabbing it out of the fridge and taking a few mouthfuls. simple, cold, and crunchy. perfect for summer.

cilantro rice salad

3 cups cooked rice
3 carrots
1/2 bunch of cilantro, or more
1/2 cup chopped red onion

1/4 cup olive oil
juice of one small lemon
3 cloves garlic
3/4 tsp. salt, or to taste

toss together cooked rice, carrots, cilantro, and red onion. whisk (or shake in a small jar) together dressing ingredients and pour over salad. stir well to coat, cover, and let chill and marinate in the fridge if time allows. flavors improve with fridge time! serve cold as a side dish or a simple meal. 

feel free to adjust everything to taste. i never measure when making this.
it would also be great studded with black beans and corn!


Amanda said...

1. I can't believe Hadley is that old! Time flies!
2. Congratulations to Haley and Derrick!
3. I can't wait to make this salad!

Anonymous said...

You are back, Girl! I love it. :) Nicole

Kelly said...

oh Summer it is so nice to have you back.

Keeps the posts coming...Hadley is almost ONE!!! Oh how the time flies. Will you have a party for her at camp?

Thanks for coming back and I LOVE the simplicity of your posts...very inspiring.

Renee said...

can't wait to try this salad! sounds soooo good! perfect for summer dinner!

Toi said...

I would love to hear about your breakfast quinoa!

christine said...

yay haley & derrick!
i eat chips with a crushed avocado pretty much every day! (all organic of course :) ) i am so addicted. and i go through bananas a lot too...i eat this awesome smoothie every morning i put one in! and i'm gonna try this salad, so thanks for that. ps-i like hearing you talk about life is coming so soon..!

Sandy said...

Umm...just made this salad to have tonight with our salmon. Delicious! Thank you Summer. Nice to see you back. We missed you!

Hannah said...

Summer, this recipe reminds me of a quinoa recipe you posted a while back, which I tried and loved. I will definitely be trying this rice version, as it's much, much cheaper than quinoa!



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