May 29, 2012
I have a lot of maturing to do. The last 4 years of life have helped me grow up plenty, but I know there's still an endless amount of wisdom to gain. I am embarrassed to think what I must've been like when I married into my husband's family. What kinds of humiliating things did I say? I was 19 when I started attending Harms family things, and I'm sure it showed. I'm even self-conscious thinking about what I said/did last week, so I can't imagine years ago.

In Titus chapter 2, Paul says that older women should teach and train younger women; sharing their wisdom, teaching what is good, and showing us how to be godly wives, mothers. We need a lot of wisdom poured into us. Don't you agree? There is some older girl in your life right now, I'm sure, that could teach you a thousand things from her life experience. I'm thankful for all of the wise women in my life, and specifically right now, my sisters and sisters-in-law. It's been on my mind the past few months, and I've been noticing how many things I do in my daily routine that I've learned from them. So much! I'm very grateful for my loving, godly sisters! I'm thankful for their wisdom and any opportunity I get to glean from it.

What a blessing they are to me, just being able to sit around the table with them and share a conversation, watching them interact with their family, or preparing a meal alongside them. It's not like we sit down and have training sessions, not that that would be a bad idea. The actual "teaching" they do is more like me observing and admiring them when we get to be together. The best way to learn something is to see it modeled in front of you. I've seen them

be calm when things are chaotic, be joyful during a time of pain and sickness, be okay with making mistakes, be forgiving, be submissive to their husbands, be a wise disciplinarian, be able to laugh at themselves, be strong when Daddy has to be gone, be a servant when they could use some serving themselves, be laid-back and cheerful, be hospitable, be okay with missing fun things because the baby needs to nurse in a quiet room, be the last one to sit down and eat the meal, be a great help, be able to sing "Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow" no matter what.

They've also taught me some great tricks. Some are pretty major and some seem minor, but all are good. and applicable for a happy, well-ordered, creative, godly home. Here are a handful.

coconut oil has about a hundred uses
attitude is everything.
pancakes are perfect for Sunday supper
rainy days are not bad days
don't pig out on tv
wear earrings
play games with your husband, or whatever he enjoys 
chili and rice. together.
how to chop an onion and mince garlic like a chef
sometimes it's worth it to buy garlic that is already minced
sort your laundry by darks, whites, and lights, and possibly pinks
dry cloth diapers in the sun
use honey on bee stings
store your guacamole with the avocado pit still in the bowl
you are the best mother for your baby
make zucchini red onion flatbread
use fresh herbs
get a food processor!
teething = diaper rashes
be content
all manner of birth and healing-after-birth info :)
white vinegar gets rid of ants
buy things for other people spontaneously
how to eat pizza with peppers and stuff (and like it)
enjoy your kids, have normal conversations with them

Thanks, sisters, for everything you show me. I love you all.


Amanda said...

I don't have sisters or sisters-in-law (yet!) but I definitely try and learn as much as I can from the older women in my life. Whether it's a friend, my mom, an aunt or grandmother, they have so much wisdom! And I find I learn a lot from the younger women in my life, too!

kristin said...

honey on bee stings?! i've never heard that. how does it work? (i generally let it run it's course...)

Kaitlyn Luce said...

Oh my goodness, Summer! I am currently a part of a Titus 2 bible study at my church with a small group of ladies, where we are learning how to model our lives like the Titus 2 woman and mentor to younger women/girls. I am so encouraged by this post, and believe that it is a total God thing that you wrote about this today. Thank you, thank you!

Elise said...

This is really sweet!!

Anonymous said...

I especially like YOU are the best mother for YOUR child, wisdom indeed! Terri

Chiara said...

I totally agree and love your post! It feel so nice to learn and see improvement in ourselves. I used to be quite full of myself as a teenager, but I am really glad God taught me humility growing up, so that I could lear the most from older people!

Hannah said...

you know one of my favorite sources of learning from older women? the camp shetek kitchen. =) summer, you and the others are such an encouragement. thank you!



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