November 21, 2012
Happy cooking & baking day! Only one more sleep until Thanksgiving! Are you in the kitchen yet? 
Here's what I'm making: 
(not necessarily for the actual turkey dinner, but for the whole holiday weekend)
with this Crust
possibly some Cilantro Rice Salad to go with turkey leftovers
and this Cornbread

Enjoy whatever tasks that are on your plate today.. the cooking, baking, and general getting ready. Today I am stuffing clothes into a duffel bag, giving Hadley a bath, packing a cooler for the road trip, doing a quick clean up of the house, thinking of what games we should play with my family tomorrow night, excited for good conversation with Grant and while we drive, bringing Breaking Dawn in the car because I did things backwards and waited to finish the book until I saw the movie, and anxious to see how Hadley will like a long drive now that she's facing forward in the car. We love turning around to peek at her. She always gives us the biggest open mouth grin.

I also can't stop thinking about my new shop! It's really out there! And I'm really thankful to all of you for taking a peek and telling the world yesterday. Even bigger thank yous to you guys who placed orders!! There's still time to enter the giveaway- you have until midnight tonight- I hope YOU win!

See you tomorrow when I announce the winner! 


Eeny said...

happy thanksgiving to you and your family. have a safe drive.

Eeny said...

and by "drive" i meant to write "trip".

summer said...

Thank you, friend!! :)
(we are driving, so your first comment works too!)

sarah {on the brightside...} said...

Sadly, I have to work today, so I am not in the kitchen yet... BUT I can't wait!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

PS. I love the new festive blog header! So cute!

Elise said...

we are also making that pie..mmm!! Happy Thanksgiving!!



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