May 8, 2013
(This german chocolate cake is sweetened with honey and dates, it is amazing, and the recipe is right here.)

Helllllo, out there! Sorry I've been gone so long. What have I been up to? Mostly partying. A 90th birthday for Grant's grandma, a 15th birthday for my niece, a belated birthday for my twin and me, and a 49th birthday and early Mother's day for my ever-cheerful mom. Add in cousins being in town from California, and my 6 month old nephew coming to visit, and eating cake a few days in a row, and planning a bridal shower for my littlest sister... that's been life in the past several days.

Oh, and our 5-year anniversary is in two days! Yay!

Oh, and we're moving out of our house to our summer digs at Camp Shetek in 17 days. (!!!)

I'm pooped. May always bowls me over like this. Am trying to switch over to normal mode for a little bit. The laundry is finally going, dinner is planned, and I'm not eating anything sweet today, which all feels therapeutic. I cannot even think about packing yet. But I can think about this:

My sweet Mom, who totally gets me, bought me Gwyneth's new cookbook It's All Good. The name suits it. I hardly ever feel the need to own cookbooks anymore, but this one... Everything in it is good and useable. I want to ear-mark every single page! Most of her recipes will work for us, because she cooks with whole foods and avoids a few things that cause issues in her family (gluten, dairy). Even if you don't need to avoid these foods, her book focuses on enjoying simple real food for a lifetime, instead of eating on restrictions. I've only made it through the soups and salads chapters so far, as I'm deeply studying each pretty page, but already have my eye on so many things. The easiest posole and mexican green goddess salad especially. I'll be in the kitchen for days.

There's one other thing my mind has made room for today: your mom. Your lovely, hilarious, wise, stylish, sweet, talented, ace of a mom. I've saved a stack of my 50 Promises memory cards just for her, in case you need a one-of-a-kind gift to send her for Mother's Day. I'll even wrap them up with my prettiest washi tape and a message from you. Any orders placed before 4 o'clock are mailed out on the day they are received! Grab a set from my shop this afternoon! Moms love them. Seriously.

More soon! Happy Wednesday!
ps. By the way, in case any of you were wondering, I finished the book Unbroken over the weekend and am now officially obsessed with Louis Zamperini. Anyone know where I can find him so I can shake his hand?


Hayley said...

so my birthday is in 3 weeks.

all. over. that. cake!

twinsontherun said...

It sounds like you've been the most fun kind of busy!
Can I just say I'm a little sad for you to be going to camp?? Only because it feels like a friend going away and I miss your posts :)
Book recommendation: the Kitchen House. A must, must, must read. Seriously good..don't just take my word for it!

kaitlin graff said...

I'm ordered verses for Mike/My mom... can I just message you the addresses for shipping?

kaitlin graff said...

correction: I'm ORDERING.

nice english kait : )



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