June 25, 2013
Summertime is for good reading.
Last summer my sister-in-law and I read the Anne of Green Gables novels and loved them. This year, she's reading the Little House books and I'm hopping around a bit.

I told you that I read Unbroken last month- a true World War II story- and was absolutely floored by it. It was so wonderfully written that I decided to try another book by the same author, Laura Hillenbrand. I never thought of myself as a sports biography type, nor am I particularly interested in horses, but I picked Seabiscuit. And surprisingly, (but not too surprisingly) I really liked it.

I loved learning about American culture in the 1930's, a little known side of Bing Crosby, how crazy jockeys were, and of course, the gripping story about this horse's unexpected greatness.

Oh, and today I stumbled on this article: 14 Books to Read Before They Hit The Big Screen. A few of them look like they could be good, so I might try one of these next!


Whitney Lane said...

LOVED Unbroken, too!

Have you read Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist? I think you would love it. It's all about food and the beauty of hospitality, and the recipes inside are just as delicious as her words.

Christina said...

I'm reading the little house series to my boys this summer. They LOVE it. We're in On the Banks of Plum Creek. I'll have to check out these books too; I never loose my delight in the classic children's books, but I like more "grown-up" books too.

Anonymous said...

Thank for that list. I've read a bunch on that list and loved the ones I read (Divergent, Ender's Game, The Fault In Our Stairs - which I didn't know was coming to the screen, The Maze Runner - loved it, though the series took a downturn, Gone Girl). I didn't know Horns and Reconstructing Amelia were coming to be movies, now I really want to read those. They've been on my to-read list for a bit.

skewline said...

It is enjoy that in summer playing sports with friends..reading books and everything enjoyfull..

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