August 1, 2013
Hello, friends and hello, August! Of course I am just now getting around to posting something on this dear old blog of mine. Of course. It's the last week of camp, July came to a close yesterday, and this is when I usually return to the blog- when things are winding down
... or are they? 

Really, they aren't. Things in my life are just gearing up. I'm coming back to my blog, and I'm coming back with a bang:

I'm having a baby!
Yes, while I've been away for the summer I've been pretty preoccupied. Taking lots of naps, finding food that sounds good, eating crazy things, and generally growing a baby. Grant and I are expecting a little one in January! Yay! Praise the Lord! He is so good! And we are super excited. 

Okay, I'll try to answer the usual questions (and the ones that I'm comfortable answering)... :)

1. How are you feeling? Great! Now. The first trimester was rough around the edges, incredibly tiring, and generally more intense than with Hadley. I've been thinking that first pregnancy was sort of like "playing house"- way too easy. This time is the real deal! Although I never actually got sick (throwing up), so I'm hugely thankful for that. I started to feel more like myself around week 12 and now I don't have to avoid seeing, cooking, and thinking about food as much. 

2. Are you going to find out the gender or share baby name possibilities? Nope! We like secrets around here. :)

3. How far along are you and when did you find out? I'm 16 weeks/4 months along and we've known since early May.

4. Are you planning another home birth? Yes! Hadley was born at home and we loved that experience so much. We're excited for another one. 

5. Does Hadley get it? Well she definitely identifies my tummy as a baby now, and already says "Nigh' Nigh', baby" and pats my bump when we put her in bed every night. So that's adorable. I'm sure she has no idea what's coming, though. But I do! It's so fun to know what to expect this time around. More thoughts on this in the near future. 

Sending you all a big hug and a slice of my extreme happiness. (A BABY!!!)
Can't wait to have more baby talk on the blog and in my life. It never gets old.


Tesa said...

You are right! Talk about babies NEVER gets old! I also love that you guys love gender and name possibility, too!! So excited for you!

A Wife and her Carpenter said...

Congratulations Summer, Grant, and Hadley!!! YAY for a sibling!

Eeny said...

That's so exciting. I am so so happy for you.
I don't mind an extra portion of baby talk here :)

Katherine said...

Oh, how fun!

Toi said...

I'm so excited to read about your pregnancy and see what it's like being pregnant and handling a toddler. I'm due in three weeks with our first and I'm already freaking out about doing this next time around with a little one. (I like to put the cart WAY before the horse.)

Congrats to you, Grant and Hadley!

Whitney Lane said...

So thrilled for you, friend! And inspired about the home birth... you are one brave lady! Congrats to the entire Harms family!

twinsontherun said...

First, major happy congrats! I'm so thrilled for you!!!
Second, you are right- baby talk/planning/etc. never gets old! I love your blog anyway but baby joy just adds to it.
Third, i believe my twins are about 3 weeks younger than Hadley so we were pregnant together the first time around. Now I'm pregnant again and due in December so here we are again! Love it!
Fourth, I didn't find out the gender of my twins til they were born and it was so exciting! People thought we were crazy, though.
Lastly, I love, love, love that you have home births. I was enthralled with your birth story-you are an amazing mom. I would have loved to have done it too but both my babies were breech and it just felt too risky for my situation (I ended up needing a c-section.)
The point of all this is that I'm so happy for you :)

Nessa Bixler said...

Hooray for #2! Giddy for you. Isn't pregnancy #2 already so different? Such and exciting time for you guys.

emily o. said...

Congratulations! Excited for you :) And I'd have to agree - baby talk never gets old.

EliseBlaha said...

Huge huge tremendous congrats! So excited for you

Christina said...

:D Congratulations! (And I LOVE the pictures.) My first three babies were summer/early autumn babies, but my last one was a January baby, and I have to say that I loved being pregnant in the winter!

Stephanie said...

Ahh so exciting!! Congratulations to you and your family, Summer! Love your blog and I look forward to more baby updates!

Melanie Anne said...

CONGRATULATIONS sweet Summer! I love to pop in and read your darling blog. Your faith and love of God and family is beautiful! Best wishes for a smooth and happy pregnancy!

marta said...

OH. MY. GOODNESS. SUMMER!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOUR EXCITING NEWS. HOORAY. please forgive me for not seeing this until way after the fact. CONGRATS. TWO IS OH SO FUN. XO.



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