June 24, 2013
Heyyyyy everybody! It's so good to be back with you!! So, if you follow me on instagram you might have an idea of what's going on with us lately, but here are some updates.

photo 1. Welcome to CAMP! Camp began for us on Father's Day. Our first batch of campers arrived last Sunday and left on Friday, then we had a Ladies Camp event over the weekend, and our second busload of campers arrived last night. So, we're on week 2 already and getting into the swing of things.
photo 2. There are so many people here. We're having to really brainstorm to figure out how to fit everyone. It's a really exciting problem to have! Praise the Lord that Camp Shetek is bursting at the seams each summer. :)
photo 3. Grant hanging out with his fellow Maintenance Men. I'm so thankful that he gets to work with such awesome friends here- and the fact that he has been able to get back to work at all! His eye is doing much, much better, praise the Lord! And thank you for praying! Although we are still having to wait to find out about any permanent damage. It does look like a cataract has formed so his vision is not normal right now, and his pupil is still very dilated. Time will tell what action we'll need to take, if any, to fix things up.
photo 4. Lake Shetek, where the sky is always more blue than the water. (we all joke about how green the water is here) We haven't been out swimming or on the jet ski yet, but it's only June.
photo 5. On June 16, Hadley turned two!!! Can you believe that?!

On to finally telling you a bit about our vacation in Washington DC...
We loved it!! The sun was out, it was like 90 degrees, the sights were amazing, and Hadley did awesome. We walked miles and miles and rode hundreds of escalators and grabbed good seats on the metro because we always had a stroller. It was great. My top 5 favorite things were:
1. Arlington Cemetery
2. The Holocaust Museum
3. Mount Vernon
4. Ford's Theater
5. The Archives

For food, my favorite stop was a slice of pepperoni with a root beer at We, The Pizza on Capitol Hill and homemade pickles from a stand at the Eastern Market. :)
And as promised, here's a little recap video of our Washington DC trip! 

Washington DC Trip
from summer on Vimeo.


Rachel Lundy said...

What a great trip and a fun video recap! Thanks for sharing.

Have a great summer at camp!

Jessleelo said...

You guys looked like you had a blast!! By far the best moment was Hadley trying to take the hand of the bronze statue :) Just wanting to be friends!! ha!

Side note: I saw a little boy in church this week that was probably 9 months and looked as if he belonged in your family. The same lips and cutie pie cheeks!

Happy camping!!

Debbie said...

Your video was great. You all got to see so much of the DC area.
I hope and pray that Grant's eye heals completely. Have a great summer at camp.

Katie said...

The video was so fun to watch! You guys are so fun!

Kaitlyn Luce said...

D.C. Is one of my favorite cities I've been to. You guys explored more intensely than I did, though. Loved your video!

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You people seemed like you had a blast!! By far the best time was Hadley trying to take the side of the brown sculpture :) Just seeking to be friends!! ha!

Side note: I saw a little boy in cathedral this weeks time that was probably 9 several weeks and seemed as if he belonged in your close relatives members. The same mouth and cutie pie cheeks!

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