August 5, 2013

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments on my last post and all the excitement with us about our sweet new baby! I was so thrilled to be able to tell you all, and now I feel like I can really share what the summer has been like. It's been a lot of meals and naps... and more meals and more naps. And throw in some laundry, toilet scrubbing, and strolls around camp. Here's what a typical camp day looked like for me this summer:

8:30 am Be at breakfast to help with the meal- refilling any empty bowls, grabbing extra forks and cereal bowls for the campers, cleaning up syrup spills, etc. 
9:00 am Babysit my nephew for a bit. Hadley loved having someone her age to play with everyday!
other morning stuff that usually happened: taking care of Hadley (of course), dishes, resting on the couch, making the bed, cleaning up, doing devotions, labeling and packaging camp dvd's for Grant, emails, designing my sister's wedding programs, folding laundry, going for a walk, etc. 
12:15 pm Dinner time, the biggest meal of the day at Camp Shetek. I would go to Clarke Hall right as the bell was ringing to call the campers in for dinner. Just like breakfast, my job was to help make sure the meal ran smoothly in the dining hall. 
12:45 to 1:30-ish Babysitting again. Pull out all the toys and help two 2-year-olds learn to share with each other. :) 
2:30 pm Hadley's nap time. She would almost always sleep until supper time!
2:40 pm My nap time! Each afternoon I climbed onto our bed and pulled a quilt over me, cracked open a book, and pretty soon I would be out. 
5:30 pm Supper time. Be at Clarke Hall to help with the meal again. 
6:00 pm Laundry duty. I did the laundry for the camp kitchen again this summer. There were usually a couple loads to put in/fold each night. And lots of apron strings in big knots to untangle!
6:30 pm Cleaning duty- my last job of the day. I cleaned the bathrooms in Clarke Hall this summer, so every night I would do the sinks, counters, mirrors, toilets, garbages, and refill toilet paper and paper towels. Here's what I used as my main cleaning product, because you know I didn't want to be using toxic stuff! :) 
This stuff smells so good to me. It brings back memories of my first summer working at camp! And it really works great, too. You can use it on anything and everything.

After finishing the laundry and bathrooms, I'd head back to the apartment where Grant and Hadley and I stay for the summer. Grant would usually need to be working on producing the camp video for the week until about 11:00 pm each night, so Hadley and I would just play and hang out until it was her bed time. Most of the time, I didn't have energy by the end of the day to do a lot, so I read quite a bit and stayed pretty low key. Oh, and almost daily, I'd need to make a run over to the staff fridge for a snack at 9 o'clock-ish. (this baby gets hungry!)

So, that was a typical day for me this summer. It was a nice blend of rest and responsibilities. Everyday, several times a day, there were commitments and places I had to be, as well as so many people to talk to, which I think really helped distract me and get me through the tough weeks of my first trimester. What was a normal day like for you this summer? I have to be honest with you, even though I'm in such a dreamy setting out here at camp... I'm jealous of all of you who were pool side with popsicles and towels on the hot cement this summer!


Hannah said...

Hi Summer, thank you for the lovely insight into what your days at Camp Shetek looked like. I'm a teacher in England, so it's currently the middle of the summer holidays and for me, and each day looks different, but I am developing a bit of a rhythm which looks something like this:
- start the day with a homemade smoothie and a swim (if you're pregnant in England, you get to go swimming for free!)
- do the household chores & make a fresh loaf of bread (I've been enjoying experimenting with different flavours this Summer)
- enjoy time with friends and their children in the afternoon
- occasionally take naps (I would have no trouble making this a daily feature but there isn't always time!)
- read, write letters and work on various sewing projects
I love the Summer holidays!

Megan said...

That sounds like a great way to spend the summer!

And I absolutely love Melaleuca products!

Ang said...

Sounds like a great way to spend a summer day! My summer days have been spent enjoying as much outside-time as possible with my twin 18 month olds. I'm up in BC, Canada (near Vancouver) and I'm pretty sure we broke a record for the least rainy July every this year (hooray!).

So my typical weekday looked something like this:

- breakfast for all three of us,
- out to the beach / for a walk to the produce stand / to the waterpark /etc.
- back home for lunch usually
- a short nap for the kiddos (time I usually spent recovering from wrangling twin toddlers all morning by blogging / editing photos / other random computer work)
- playtime while I dinner prepped

Once my husband got home, we spent some family time out in the yard or the playpen then dinner and bedtime for the littles, after which I usually got more computer work done before we headed to bed.

Weekends were the real treat though, since most of the time we just got up, poured everyone into the van and took off in search of adventure (via garage saling, coffee shop visiting, the beach, camping, visiting friends, WHATEVER - as long as we got to enjoy it together :) )'s been a good one!

A Wife and her Carpenter said...

Summer, I'm so glad you are back! I love having your posts to read while I breastfeed our new little one.

Our summer days have been filled with him as of late ;) And I too envy those who get to lay by the pool. That sounds quite nice right about now!



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