August 6, 2013

Hey girl,
You're the best. You really grew up a whole lot this summer. When we moved out to camp, I still thought of you as a baby. But your daddy and I have realized lately (especially seeing you in the tub) that you are such a kid! New words come bursting out of you every day, although the syllables are often backwards, which is really cute. ("Stop!" is "Pots!" to you) Last night on the car ride into town you told us every time you saw a stop sign. That's the first time you've ever done anything like that. At bedtime now, you like to pray "Dear Jesus" and squeeze your eyes shut so tight. You always point out the little brown mole on my forearm and ask, "Uhh, ball?" I tell you, "Oh, that's just mommy's mole." And then you say, "Oh." and giggle, like you made an awesome joke. You and I do this probably 15 times in a row, over and over, and you think it's hilarious every time!

Your hair is almost always in a pony tail now and your legs and feet are summery brown. Your fingernails grow like weeds and are hard to keep clean. You're tough. You've skinned your knees on the sidewalk countless times this summer, but you always get back up and want to keep going. Your little limbs are stretching and filling out so much that you feel heavy sometimes. You can hit a ball like a champ and are trying so hard to learn how to jump. And you're all into snacks and Curious George and Elmo and playing outside, just like a real, honest to goodness toddler.

You loved to play with your cousins Josie, Symone, Chloe, Thaddeus, Winston, and Atticus all summer during camp. And now you love to gently pat baby Filippa on the arm, too. You have so many friends out here at camp (Justin, Sterling, Ryan, and all the kitchen girls), but they moved home yesterday and we are really going to miss them.

Thanks for being so loving. You are good about saying you're sorry, helping Mommy, cleaning up any messes you make, and putting away the things that you get out. You're also dependable for kisses, hugs, pats, and sweet things in general. You're our good little girl, and we're working on learning so many things together. It's been the best ever to watch and help you grow this summer.


Eeny said...

hadley sounds like such a fun little girl to hang out with.

Courtney said...

A lovely post. It is so surprising when all of a sudden you realize they are so big now, when did that happen. Beautiful girl.



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