November 4, 2013

30 out of 40 weeks completed over here! And feeling really good. That's my thankful for today. I'm so grateful to the Lord for His grace, for a smooth pregnancy so far, and for feeling like myself... well, a rounder version of myself. There's so much of me in front of me these days. Also, those round ligament pains are gone and seem to be staying away, so yay for that, too.

These days, I'm walking slower, but definitely walking. We got a treadmill a couple weeks ago and what a huge friend it's already been. (I'm actually using it! Super important to be able to say that when you make a big purchase and hope, hope, hope it will be a worthwhile one.) It saves so much time bundling up and going to the gym because I can just walk upstairs and do a couple miles and then be back down in time to make dinner. Loving that. Hopefully it will help me finish out this pregnancy strong.

These days, I'm drinking gallons of water and tea, doing pelvic rocks on my hands and knees, and thinking about re-reading my favorite book about birth: Ina May's Guide to Childbirth. Also, I'm craving pizza (not an actual craving, because pizza always sounds good), snow, and Christmas music. The snow, supposedly, will arrive tomorrow morning. Approximately 3-6 inches. It's like I ordered it! Yay!

These days, we're talking about names for this little someone inside me. It's one of our favorite conversations to have when we fall in bed at night or if we're on a long drive. We never really make any solid decisions, but we're enjoying just bringing it up over and over and pondering our options. We've got lots on our lists that we like, but only a handful that are so us that we can actually picture using them. The naming process is so fun and fascinating to me. Making such a big decision secretly with my husband is a big part of the fun. Definitely one of my favorite parts of being pregnant.

Dear Baby,
You sweet little second of mine. I hope I always remember what a peaceful pregnancy you gave me. If I had to guess just by the ounce of information and experience I've had with you so far, I'd guess that you are going to be a laid-back and accomodating kind of kid. Just thinking about the idea of you coming into our family and making us four, it seems like you might just have a harmonious nature. Here's what's up with you lately: 

You spend most of the day curled up sideways inside me- like you're laying in a little basket. Sometimes you go head-down, but you still move around a lot. Like crazy a lot. In the evenings when I sit with Dad on the couch, we watch you manipulate my stomach with super strong punches and kicks and slides. 

You are growing beautifully and quietly- never giving us any trouble. You let me sleep so deep and help me feel really energetic and creative most days. You are making my hair, nails, and skin thrive. Your heart sounds awesome. You must be liking the food I'm eating because I never feel sick- not even a trace of heartburn lately! Like I said, you don't ask too much of me right now, such an obliging little one you are. 

I'm starting to picture us together in the wee hours of the morning when you wake up hungry. It will be in the middle of the deep, dark, Minnesota wintertime. I've got a comfy chair ready for us, and I'll have twinkly Christmas lights still strung up (no matter how late you come, I promise) and we're already thinking of extra heat in our attic bedroom to keep you warm. I can't wait to have another try at baby-soothing and to remember how to swaddle and to watch your Daddy be a master at the whole newborn in our house thing. He's amazing. I just know you'll love his arms for bouncing and my arms for nursing as much as your sister did. Only 10 more weeks or so until we might be meeting you! Your name is in the works. We'll pick out a good one for you. 

Love you madly,


twinsontherun said...

I hope you love your treadmill! I've had mine for about 13 years and it's still going it CAN be a great investment :)
Your pictures are absolutely adorable! I love hearing how you're doing. This will be a sweet baby, for sure.



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