November 5, 2013

During Hadley's pregnancy, I didn't buy any maternity pants. Being as pregnant as I am right this minute, I don't have a clue how that could have worked! I guess it was a different time of year, and I did have some maternity dresses/skirts, a pair of really stretchy jeans that were too big for me previously, and I wore a Be-Band from Target every day. This pregnancy, my baby bump was much bigger much earlier on, and I'm more interested in being cozy and less in love with the Be-Band, and I was determined to find some good maternity skinny jeans for less than $50.

Thankfully I had gotten some maternity shirts during my first pregnancy and quickly learned that Old Navy's online maternity section was my best bet for things that fit me and aren't ridiculously priced. So that was the only place I shopped this time, and because I bought during a sale, I was able to get not just one, but 3 pairs of jeans/pants for $50. I bought some black jeggings, some dark wash skinnies, and some black maternity leggings, and have been so grateful for each of them. They've become the essentials of my current wardrobe. Just pair one of those pants options with some inexpensive knee-high riding boots purchased with free shipping via Amazon Prime (I've been wearing them everywhere), and the longest shirt I can find, and you've got my daily uniform.

I've been happy enough with all of my new maternity pants to actually go and write a review for other online shoppers. (!!) They were just what I was looking for and fit so nicely, and I wanted to help other people know how to buy the right size-- which is always the headache in trying to buy maternity clothes! I rely heavily on the comment/review section when I'm purchasing clothes online, and always appreciate the helpful people who take the time to explain how things fit them and if the item is true to size. All that to say, if you're on the lookout for maternity basics and you don't like to spend big bucks or leave your house to shop, I would send you to old What are your maternity wardrobe favorites? And how do you "make do" during those last 3/4 months? I love borrowing from my sister-in-law if we aren't pregnant at the same time, stealing from Grant's closet, and going through my mom's garage sale stuff!

P.S. Details on my outfit from yesterday's 30 week pregnancy update... I was wearing the dark wash skinny jeans, brown boots from amazon, and a thrifted Volcom sweater with a homemade scarf.


Betsy said...

very helpful!

You are right, leaving a review for a product if you rely heavily on them is a nice little way to pay it forward :)

Anneliese said...

love this. why? cause the TWO things on my list are leggings & brown riding boots. mary sent me her tub of tops & andrea loaned me a bunch too. i think my closet is more full than it normally would be! so leggings for all these long tops is just what i need!
ps. wearing maternity clothes for a few weeks already & im 17 weeks. didn't even buy maternity clothes until 26 weeks with B. ha!

ChelseaF said...

Those boots are totes on my Amazon wishlist now...and in a couple years when I have cash I'm sure I'll enjoy them very much! lol You are too, too adorable :)

Kelly said...

I wore leggings and boots for most of my second pregnancy, I loved the Old Navy brand of leggings. I found that I couldn't get comfortable in pregnancy jeans toward the end. Those boots are cute!

Natalie said...

So far I'm living in Old Navy leggings and jeans for pregnancy! I also really like my Gap jeans but those are a lot pricier!! I've found super cheap shirts at Old Navy, but also places like Ross and Burlington Coat Factory (so random and the selection is slim but you can't beat the prices!)



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