November 26, 2013
Yesterday was one of those days where you walk across the room doing one task, and by the time you get to the other side of the room, you're on a different mission completely. My to-do list was in full swing, and so were the sidetracks. Basically, I ran around the house wearing myself out, avoiding the big jobs that were hanging most over my head. I was glad to be getting the little things done, but I'm sure I could have done them more peacefully knowing the bigger tasks were done or underway.

When I finally took a moment to sit down at our table, and talk with Jesus, and read a little Spurgeon, I found this (see quote above). This passage had been underlined by Grant years ago, but it was perfect for me at that moment. It talked about how we all think "later we'll attend to the serious things" and it ends up being a lifetime of later. Which can either be a lazy or an exhausting way to spend a life, ironically. For me constantly avoiding a job takes effort- it saps my energy and thoughts. My time at the table ended in asking for His wisdom to know how to catch the flying hour instead of flying around my house, refusing to be caught.

So what was on the agenda for the day? (because some day I will come back to this post and wonder what I was so supposedly "busy" with)

Laundry, printing invoices and processing orders from my little shop, vacuuming, a bath for Hadley, potty training, baking and photographing some cookies for a blog contribution I'm doing soon, dishes, going to the chiropractor, making a new batch of homemade diaper wipes, washing bedding, cooking some soaked quinoa, cleaning the kitchen and our bedroom, washing out the crockpot, making a packing list for Thanksgiving, planning a meal to bring on the road trip to Grandma's, cleaning out the fridge, and making my sister-in-law Heidi's yummy honey mustard chicken.

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Ang said...

You keep super busy for someone so preggo! In other news, I wonder if that top invoice is coming my way - I ordered two sets of cards the other day (one for me, one for my sis) and am SO excited for them to come in!

Anyway, I totally read this in an attempt to distract myself from the looming stress my "big tasks" list - guess I better take the hint and get to it! :)



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