January 19, 2014
snuggling my 3-day old son

I've never wanted time to slow down more than I did this week. It has been incredible. So many things to be grateful to the Lord for. Let me update you guys. 

The birth went so smoothly and great, praise Jesus! (I will post our homebirth story someday when I have more time to write.) Casper is doing awesome - nursing, pooping, and sleeping like a champ - and my recovery is going really, really well! Because the labor/birth happened all in one 12-hour stretch instead of over a period of several days like Hadley's, my body wasn't in labor-mode for nearly as long and I wasn't as behind on normal eating and sleeping by the time Casper was actually born. It's been almost a night and day difference between my first postpartum recovery experience. Instead of feeling like all I can do is survive, I actually feel calm. Such an answer to prayer! I also have an appetite, which makes a huge difference in everything. After Hadley was born, it took several weeks before eating didn't require a lot of effort. Also, nursing is going great and sleep doesn't seem like such a big deal! It probably helps that I'm able to get decent stretches of it in the night, and sometimes a nap during the day. My tailbone is sore from sitting on it so much (I remember this happening after my last birth, too) as well as a bunch of other sore muscles from positions I held during labor, and the after birth pains were, well... painful. But other than that, I can't complain a bit. 

I just cannot believe what a difference it makes to have experienced it all before. What used to stress me out, both newborn-wise and regarding my own healing, I am now embracing. Expectations and experience are everything, I'm learning! The Lord has given me His grace to be able to sit back and truly enjoy this stage. This stage where going up stairs, taking a shower, getting a couple hours of sleep, or even getting comfy in bed are all major victories. Now I pray that I will remember to ask for more of that grace each day. 

Grant had this whole week off of work to be home (a wish come true), so it has been such a sweet time together for our little family. What a blessing to have my husband here. It feels like another Christmas break, except with more diaper changes, which Grant has handled completely. He is incredible with newborns. Thank you, Grant for taking care of all of us so well! Also, huge thanks to my amazing and talented mother-in-law for supplying us (spoiling us) with her good cooking all week long. Thank you, Judy! Yummy things keeping popping up in our kitchen, including my favorite cranberry orange pecan muffins, and it has been the best gift ever. 

More coming soon, but I just wanted to get those thoughts down before I lose them. Needless to say, we are smitten with our baby boy. He has been the sweetest, mellowest, and sleepiest little guy I've ever known- and I love that we are still getting to know him each day. I miss him every minute I can't see his face! Thank you, Jesus for such a precious gift. Off to enjoy some baby breath. 


EliseBlaha said...

So excited for you. I think (all the time) about how ill be able to enjoy baby two because i will not be so panicked about all the change / the future. So happy to hear that's what you're experiencing! Go, mama, go!!!

Ang said...

He's beautiful - so nice to hear things are going so much better the second time around! I had a rough time post-partum with my girlies (they turned two on the 15th) so that's encouraging to read...not that I feel at all ready for another round of kid(s), but maybe someday! :) Praying for your sweet family.

Amanda said...

Oh, that photo of Grant, Hadley, and Casper! Makes my heart melt! So excited and happy for you, Summer!

Anonymous said...

How sweet and precious, he's so cuddly!!!

Laura Murphy said...

He is so stinkin' cute in that Moses basket. He's Casper the Friendly Baby.

Enjoy, and rest up. You can ignore the blog for awhile. These days are precious.

Gaby said...

For all of these reasons and more, I'm excited to have a second baby, even if that day doesn't come for a couple years ;)



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