January 10, 2014
Sorry I missed you guys yesterday. We were busy having a baby check-up and picking up some snacks for Hadley to grab for herself while I'm busy nursing a newborn. No signs of labor starting over here yet, so I'll keep right on going with our little series. You can also read getting ready for labor and birth: parts one, two, and three.

Get ready. This post is packed! I was so glad to have sisters-in-law and a handful of awesome friends to help get me ready for the reality of healing after giving birth. They shared their experiences with me and told me what their must-have items were and I am in their debt for that. Not many people will talk about birth recovery with you, or what it's really like to start nursing a baby, but let me tell you guys: it's a big deal. Let's talk! Here are the supplies I wanted to have on hand this time around to help with my postpartum healing as well as nursing + baby care. Most are things that I relied on with Hadley, but some of them are new and I'm excited to give them a try....

| 1. bath herbs for healing soaks | 2. a peri bottle for gentle cleaning up. I liked to put warm water, witch hazel, and lavender in mine | 3 & 4.  after ease tincture & arnica tablets- my midwife is providing these remedies for afterbirth cramps, inflammation, and swelling | 5-7. witch hazel, aloe vera, and favorite essential oils- for making postpartum padsicles to stash in the freezer | 8. a few Depends are great for the first day or two, and then cotton underwear in a larger size than you usually wear (black is nice) | 9. epsom salt is my go-to recovery item. I took several short epsom salt soaks (10-15 minutes) every day for the first couple weeks to help with aches and pains. It's a great way to de-stress and have a moment to yourself amidst the new-mama madness. I always add a few drops of essential oil to the tub, too. | 10. evening primrose oil for tender skin and tissues | 11. magnesium to manage high levels of stress and anxiety, constipation, aches and cramps, and to support vitamin absorption and making proteins | not pictured: placenta capsules for balancing hormones and preventing postpartum depression- my midwife is going to arrange these for me |

| 1. disposable nursing pads are such a huge part of life when I'm nursing. They are convenience itself. | 2. motherlove cream  | 3. a new swaddle we're going to try, because Hadley loved being swaddled and we wore hers out | 4. disposable diapers are super nice for the first while, before we switch to our cloth diapers | 5. a moses basket because last time I always wished I had a go-to spot to lay the baby down. I started scrambling whenever I needed to go to the bathroom or get a drink of water, so the basket is my attempt fix that, it may also turn out to be a handy spot for naps | 6. baby soap | 7. baby bum drops to make our wipes | 8. pacifier because Hadley wasn't interested in one, but I'm willing to give it another try | not pictured: a nipple shield for rough days | coconut oil for any nursing/skin/diaper issues | seamless bras (comfy and stretchy, no wires or latches) for nursing | a comfy pillow to prop my nursing arms on | a baby swing | and a big ball, to sit on while soothing a baby to sleep |

What's your must-have postpartum or nursing + baby item?
Also, I loved this post from wellness mama: make your own natural labor + birth kit.


Katherine said...

Oo, this is a fun post! I'm not pregnant again yet, but find myself often planning anyway. I like that swaddle blanket - our Aden and Anais ones never quite worked. My favorite products last time were Lanolin and a heat pad. I'm also looking forward to adding to our arsenal a Moses basket, a hefty, pretty scarf for nursing and babywearing, Happy Mama Spray, and an arm pad for the infant car seat.

Kaitlin said...

Hi Summer! I've never commented but have been reading for quite awhile and while I'm not yet pregnant (we're trying!), I am loving this series! Thank you for doing it! :)

Laura Railing said...

This is a fantastic list! I'm only ten weeks along with our third, but post partum is on my mind! Padsicles were a lifesaver. I'm adding a nice pump to my list because the beginning is rough without one.I loved anything with lavender. It helped a lot to soothe my nerves. Calms Forte to help sleep. Totally safe with nursing. Praying for you! With His strength you can do this.

Laura Murphy said...

That is a great list! My sister insisted I have frankincense on hand, to help with mood and overall mental health. It's supposed to be good to rub on the baby's feet, too (in a carrier, like an organic oil), to boost immunity.

If anyone wants an excellent pump, I will give mine away for free! I only used it with one baby. I live in the Twin Cities.

Can't wait to hear your announcement....but sounds like it might be awhile.

Maggie Mizelle said...

I'm always making lists of things for the next birth + baby, even though (depending on God's timing) it will likely be a while...still recovering emotionally/physically from the first one.

I would add: Earth Mama Angel Baby bottom spray for tender moms; liquid chlorophyll if blood loss is an issue, as it was for me (and liquid Iron & Herbs for a breastfeeding safe and natural iron supplement); Rescue Remedy for calming mama when those post partum hormones/emotions get out of hand. We used to use the same wipe drops, but I recently tried Ruby Moon drops and love them sooooo much more!

Liz said...

Hey there! Fairly new follower here! Just wanted to say I really like the idea of using depends for the first day or two. It seems like that would be so much easier than those hospital underwear with the huge pads always shifting around, worrying about leaking and whatnot. I will have to do that next time around. Thanks for sharing!! All great stuff.

Anonymous said...

I'm anxious to hear how you like that swaddler. We used the SwaddleMe brand ones and they wore out in a hurry. Very unimpressed with the quality.

Jessica said...

I know you may not be able to answer this for some time, but are you brand specific on essential oils?

I think a good swaddle can be done with blankets too - we did it with the aden and anais blankets.

click here for top baby swing said...

The essentials at this particular time. These are the things to be take care of.



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