February 24, 2014

This is one of my favorite places to be. In front of a bowl of vegetables, with a sharp knife. When I was a kitchen girl at Camp Shetek, my sister-in-law and I would take turns peeling and chopping the carrots and onions, because we both liked it that much. The Lord knew what He was doing when he put me in that kitchen back in June 2007. The summers I spent working there were so good for my heart and my hands. My heart found fellowship with lifelong friends and future family who encouraged me in my walk with the Lord, and my hands discovered cooking. Something I realized I truly loved. I'm so grateful to have had a job where I was surrounded by good attitudes, good conversation, and good food! It was also in that kitchen that I learned:

how to peel garlic, flip a perfect pancake, and make jumbo batches of granola
how to run a commercial dishwasher
that I deeply enjoy following a recipe
that a sharp knife is everything
that baking goes best with show tunes
that one of the best ways to make a friend is to cook alongside them
that Grant Harms was going to be my husband
that my future mother-in-law is awesome (she was my boss!) :)

Here's how I've been cooking my Brussels sprouts lately-- the ones that make the perfect meal when combined with this Maple Mustard Chicken. Grant and I are amazed that a few years ago we didn't even know what these little sprout guys looked like, and now they are one of our favorite vegetables! I truly think I like them better and better each time I make them.

Simple Roasted Brussels Sprouts

1 lb. Brussels sprouts
3 T. coconut oil
1 spoonful minced garlic
sea salt to taste

Heat oven to 425ยบ. While the oven is pre-heating, put a couple tablespoons of coconut oil into a large cast iron skillet (or any baking pan) and set it in the oven just until oil is melted, about a minute or two. Cut off the brown ends of the sprouts, peel off any dirty or yellow outer leaves, and then quarter them. Add the sprouts to the pan, as well as the minced garlic, and toss with the melted oil. Make sure the sprouts are spread out into a single layer and finish with a liberal shake of sea salt over everything. (You'll want them well salted.) Roast until sprouts look caramelized and some are starting to get dark, crispy spots. About 20-30 minutes, but start checking them at 20 minutes.


Christina said...

Mmmmm...Brussels sprouts are one of our favorites too!

Sharon said...

Oh, these look so good!

~amy~ said...

Looks fab!

Annabelle said...

Brussels are a fave here too. I really like them in stir fry also.

leanne said...

Thanks for sharing this recipe! We're going to try these tonight.

Laura Railing said...

Mmm I just made sprouts for the first time with butter. Tonight, I roasted Yukon gold potatoes with them and did 1/2 butter/ 1/2 coconut oil with lots of s&p. It was better than the meatloaf ;) thanks for inspiring me!



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