February 21, 2014
Disclaimer: Everything in this post is what we've decided is best for us and the results we've seen in our kids- I'm not a healthcare practitioner, just a mom. Please don't consider me as anything more than that. I certainly don't want to present my experience as the standard or my views as the ideal. I'd rather just feel free to share things here that have been helpful for me, with the hope that they may be helpful to someone else. Also, these are fuzzy phone pictures, but fuzzy phone pictures are becoming some of the most precious things in my life.

Hi guys! Just wanted to pop in and answer a couple questions. After this post the other day, several people have asked for more info about which probiotics we're using for Casper. Ok, ok, you should know how excited this makes me. Gut health!! You guys want to talk about it?! I'm totally game! Our family has seen awesome results from this Gut Pro probiotic supplement, so we're sticking with it for our new baby, too. We like that it's potent, it doesn't contain any filler ingredients, it's gluten and dairy free (in case you are worried about a sensitivity there), and it's cost effective. We buy the powder, not the capsules, which is definitely the way to go if you want to use it long-term. It seems very pricey and it certainly is a big investment up front, but we've done the math for the way our family uses it and for us it actually ends up being one of the most affordable probiotics on the market.

I just saw that they also have a brand new infant probiotic formula. Exciting! For Casper, we have been using the regular powder that the rest of the family takes. We just put a tiny spoonful of the powder on his tongue when his mouth is open, usually right before he's going to nurse. How much do we give him? Every day is a little different, but we do try to do it on a daily basis. I don't feel comfortable recommending an amount for you to give your baby, but I know that starting slow and building up to an amount that fits his/her specific needs is the recommended protocol for most probiotics. The nice thing about having a bottle full of powder (as opposed to capsules) is that everyone in our family can take however much they need that day. For example: Grant just took a little extra last night because he felt a sore throat coming on. Probiotics support a healthy immune system!

As I said in the post the other day: "We've been giving him (Casper) probiotics daily and can really tell that they have an effect on his digestion- in a great way." YES. My babies are happier and more comfortable with probiotics in the picture. Because better digestion = better sleep. Way more sleep! Also, way less tears! Better digestion comes with having a balanced gut, which is where the probiotics come in. If I knew back in the day what I know now, poor Hadley wouldn't have had so many sleepless, colicky days. But she started feeling much, much better at around 2 months old, when we really got serious about probiotics and changing my diet (which affected her because she was nursing). At 5 weeks old, Casper has gotten at least triple the amount of sleep that Hadley got in her first 2 months. Our experience so far with him affirms our thoughts on what an important role the gut plays in our babies' world: It's huge! For more information on gut health and other digestion topics like this, you might like to read this post.


Anneliese said...

love your insight. and so thankful casper is a good sleeper! what a gift.

Jessica said...

Thank you for sharing. I wonder if I would have noticed these things had I known when we were early in. It's so overwhelming and you're healing - I had a difficult pregnancy at the end too.

I don't see a search box on your new layout and I was hunting for some recipes :)

summer said...

@Jessica --Yes! I'm sorry I haven't figured out how to add the search bar back yet! In the meantime, all of my recipes are either on my recipe page at the top of the blog, or on my pinterest board:

Or you can just google "summer harms ___" and they always come up! :)

Nicole said...

Thanks for the update and for answering my questions via email, Summer! My husband and I have been using GutPro for a month now and it's been working great for us. It ships from just an hour west of us, funny enough :) So glad you shared your experience! Thank you!

Noor said...

I wish that I knew about this when my son was born. He had so many issues with his tummy like all little babies do. He would cry nonstop unless we held him on our shoulder where his tummy was against it.

Annie83 said...

I know there are a lot of probiotics brands in the market and I was wondering if there was any benefit of giving them to babies. Thank you for sharing your experience, it was very enlightening.

Elson Cade said...

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Bianca Silva said...

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Kids Nook said...

There are probiotics that come for babies in the form of drops.

I've had to give my 11 month old baby girl probiotic drops because she was prescribed a wide spectrum antibiotic and it really messed up her tummy :(.
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Shawn dell said...

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Nury Martinez said...

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Margo Dill said...

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Unknown said...

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Erin said...

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Emily Shane said...

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