June 10, 2014
In the midst of walks on the gravel with our cousins, eating Grandma Judy's good food, endlessly pulling sandals on and off, and watching the maintenance men working the grounds, the Lord has been answering my prayer for our summer at camp. I'm happy to report that He has provided a sweet window of quiet time with Him every day so far. And not only the time, but He planted the desire for that fellowship with Him in my heart. He is so faithful. (I haven't made it out to the dock yet. It rained this weekend. Hopefully soon!)

I'm currently reading my usual devotionals (*see note at bottom of this post for a list of my favorites) as well as the book of Mark- which has been so, so good. This is the first time I've gone through one of the gospels as an adult, and with the addition of a study bible. It feels like a whole new ball game. Jesus is bringing me so much deeper and I just appreciate everything so much more and I crave the studying part of reading my bible. I'm keeping notes as I go, but I want to get better at journaling and meditating on what I read each day. I chose to start reading Mark because of something I read in Elisabeth Elliot's wonderful, useful book Keep A Quiet Heart (one of my big favorites) and I instagrammed about it a few weeks ago:

--- I should know how to study my bible by now, but... do I? Do I really? I love (um, really love) my daily devotionals and gain a lot from them, but I've been missing out on straight up, bare-bones bible study. I'm getting back to basics and loving this simple instruction: 
"Take a single book of the bible. If you've never done this before, start with the book of Mark. Pray, first, for the Holy Spirit's teaching. Read a few verses, a paragraph, or a chapter. Then ask, 'What does this passage teach me about 1) God 2) Jesus Christ 3) the Holy Spirit 4) myself 5) sins to confess or avoid 6) commands to obey 7) what Christian love is?' Keep a notebook. Write down any answers you find and share them with your spouse, your kids, your friends." 
by Elisabeth Elliot, from her article Tips For Quiet Time ---

*Summer's devotional faves: 
1. Morning & Evening by C.H. Spurgeon
2. the Solid Joys Devotional App by John Piper 
(I am currently reading these two each day)
3. Keep a Quiet Heart by Elisabeth Elliot 
4. My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers

I've also heard great things about A Closer Walk With God by Matthew Henry, so that's on my to-read list, and I'd also like to start doing The God of All Comfort by Hannah Whitall Smith in small daily doses. p.s. if you're interested, check out my Goodreads page. I love books, and they're even better when I get to share them. 


Maci Britt said...

Since I only already read "My Utmost for His Highest," it looks like I have quite a few new books to add to my reading list!

Also, that excerpt from Elisabeth Elliot is the best. I will be doing that first thing tomorrow morning. Thank you! :)

I'm Skyler. said...

Summer! It's like you read my mind! I jut facebooked you about this today! Thank you. Thank you for sharing. Be blessed in your continual pursuit of DAILY time with The Lord!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i love your picks. so good! i have a new favorite devo called "comfort from romans." you would LOVE it.

Ang said...

I jotted down that Elisabeth Elliot quote when you posted it on instagram and have since switched up my devotional to follow that model - my "task oriented" side is a little frustrated because I'm reading smaller sections than I used to every day, but I feel like I'm getting SO MUCH MORE out of what I'm reading now! I also have a Spurgeon book of sermons on prayer that I have been slowly working through. And when I first had my twins, the Solid Joys Devotional App was a lifesaver for quick, meaningful devotions! Great suggestions here, I'm continually encouraged and blessed reading your blog. :)



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