February 1, 2014

When I found out I was pregnant with baby #2, I was so excited to have a second chance at the newborn stage. That rough, sleepless, selfless stretch of days and nights that rock you to your core when you first become a mother. I wanted to do it over again, and do it so much better. But mostly, I wanted to simply enjoy it. This time around, with God's grace and my husband's help, with experience under my belt and perspective to keep in my head, I'm able to appreciate so much about this first month with our new baby. He needs me so much, and it's all going by in a blink.

We just finished our first week at home with Daddy being at work and we're finding out what this new normal looks like. Right now it looks a lot like this: nursing, grabbing snacks for Hadley, eating one-handed while nursing, changing diapers, a little dishwashing and vacuuming, all while wearing the same clothes as yesterday :) and with a soundtrack of Daniel Tiger episodes and Harrison Ford movies from the 90's. I'm not getting a lot done, but I'm definitely breaking in our couch cushions. And there's nowhere else I need to be. Simple days. Happy days!

If you have a little one of your own, you know that each week brings some kind of change. Grant and I are constantly telling each other, "All of a sudden this week he/she is doing this." (insert something to do with sleeping, eating, teething, talking, etc.) Then, by next week, that stage is over and they're on to something new. My goal with this new normal, and all the weekly transitions ahead of us, is to enjoy every stage. As we're laughing about the latest cool thing our kids did or troubleshooting the latest issue that popped up or I'm sitting down on the couch to nurse again, I want to be aware that this is our stage. Right here. It's happening! And not let it go by without being grateful for it. I'm starting a new hashtag on Instagram to help me record parts of each stage and be thankful for them. If you guys want to join in, tag your photos with #enjoyeverystage. A quick photo really helps me realize the awesomeness of the moment.

ps. Speaking of which, Hadley is saying some fun things nowadays. She calls Casper "Chaus" and when he's crying she says, "Mom! Chaus cry-ee!" She's also been emptying the dishwasher and grabbing stuff to change Casper's diaper. And she's been answering every question with either "Um, of course!" or "No, no, thanks."


Unknown said...

so how does "Chaus" sound?? can you spell it phonetically??!! would love to hear her say his name! I bet it is sooo cute!

Leslie said...

I love this. and I love your blog. Thanks for sharing so much of your life and encouragement in this space!

Stephanie said...

This post is an encouragement to me! I loved the newborn days with my first but the sleepless nights and constant need was a shock to me - I thought I knew what to expect but I really didn't. So it's nice to hear that it's easier the second time around, and I love your perspective on just taking what comes and enjoying the moment. Baby #2 comes for us the end of March!

Katherine said...

I am amazed by how clean your hair looks in all of these pictures! (You can keep it a secret whether it is or not.) I felt gross from not taking a shower *yet* so much of that first year. So, way to go with having two babes, looking cute, and rockin' life!

Anonymous said...

This is so encouraging to me right now. I'm going to try to take this next week with a new perspective..... Knowing these days can never be relived really does change the way I view them.

Ps you look so great and I'm happy to hear you're thriving in your new normal.

Amanda said...

I'm not a momma yet, but "enjoy every stage" still resonates me. I need to (and want to!) enjoy every stage of my life, and right now, that means being a 24 year old, a girlfriend, a second year teacher. Thank you for this reminder, Summer!
P.S. You're rockin' this Momma thing!

faith ann raider said...

This is such good advice! My oldest is twelve, my youngest is two and there are five all together. I am currently in shock that I'm now one of those "moms with older kids" it is totally different, and yet not.
Yes!! Enjoy every stage. Each one goes by in a blink. Each one is difficult in it's own way. Each one has a blessing.
Sometimes it's hard in those never ending newborn days to KNOW it's not going to be like this forever until you have lived through it. Glad you are finding the blessing in this season. Thanks for the encouragement!!

BTW: your blog design is just Lovely!!!

Marina Cerra said...

I want to remember your words when i will be facing my new normal in 5 months time. I feel very much encouraged and I'm hoping i will be able to enjoy this second time around more than i did the first time. Lovely blog by the way!



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