December 11, 2008
'tis almost the season for making resolutions.
and I am ready.
Ever since I did some reading on the subject of faithfulness (see post), there is a constant stream of resolutions filling my head. Some are piling up haphazardly in my memory, some have been preserved in corners of my notebook that will be impossible to ever locate again, and all are on the verge of being forgotten lest I quick collect them all and jot them down here in this post.
Most of my intentions are about the small things. (not that there aren't big things I can work on too) Why do I hate to do things that are so simple and easy? I am hoping that by acknowledging them, I will be more aware of my problems and be able to overcome them.
1. put the annoying twistie-tie thing back on the bread bag
2. remember to take my vitamins
3. wash the greasy butter dish before putting in a new stick
4. use my nice stainless steel frying pan instead of the easier-to-clean non-stick one
5. put lotion on my legs and feet
6. put necklaces & earrings back in my jewelry box instead of leaving them on the bathroom counter for a week
7. use fewer kleenexes and paper towels
8. use less salt on my potatoes and less butter on my banana bread
9. clean the whole shower, not just the floor and faucet
10. buy better quality fabric softener
11. sit up straighter and sit back in my chair, instead of on the edge
12. don't procrastinate when it comes to clipping fingernails and toenails
13. clean off the top of the sticky syrup bottle
14. get a bookmark instead of folding corners in all my books
15. get a new trash bag instead of letting the old one overflow
16. get rid of some of the cardboard box supply in our house
17. don't use the laundry room as a room to store unsightly junk
18. put things in their right place right away, instead of letting them sit there while I think about putting them away
19. spend less time getting ready for bed
20. put in my new pair of contacts instead of trying to make these last forever


Rachel said...

He, he. I never put the twistie tie thing back on the bread bag and it is a source of friction between me and my boy, who considers the twistie tie essential.
I'm guilty of a few of these other things too...

notebookdoodles said...

oh wow. it's already time to make resolutions?!!

aah. i need to figure mine out soon =)


erin elizabeth king said...

i understand the vitamin thing. especially when they smell least that's what gets me!

Brea said...

ummm... how did you find my list and why did you post it? Oh wait, I don't wear contacts.



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