January 15, 2009
make. bed, Grant's lunch, these breadsticks, these cookies + butterscotch chips, dinner.
research. define: "parhelion." and look into the rumor that it is colder here than at the south pole.
do. dishes, dusting, unanticipated load of laundry, sweeping, vacuuming.
write. lists, post, emails, messages
read. bible, morning&evening, jane eyre (hopefully after my work is done)
organize. fridge, dvd's, thoughts.
make it happen. pray, exercise, call sister, practice with my new curling iron (date with Grant is imminent).
Weather report.
-23 degrees. 
...that means -32 windchill. 
School was 2 hours late again. Haven't had a full day yet this week.
Adjusting to a subzero lifestyle. Thankful for a functioning furnace.
Wishing I had put these knee-high cozies on my christmas list. 


Mrs. Buck said...

Those knee-highs are adorable! And I clicked on the link for the breadsticks and they look easy and delicious! I'm going to try them out for dinner I'm hosting for some friends tonight!

Hilda said...

Summer, will you come live with me and help me get organized?...or just help me do my list....or just watch the kids so I can do my list. Any of those would be fine!

please sir said...

Ahh lists...one of the best things - cute socks!



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