January 14, 2009
I've been neglecting my list lately. 
I haven't added anything to it since the Christmas whirlwind took over my thoughts. 
Time to commence project list '09.
It's been awhile since I explained my listing concept & posted a short snippet, so if you'd like to check out the first installment, it's right here.
Starting today, I am going back to daily documentation. 
the list | number two
586. getting out of bed right away in the morning
594. going to see musicals at high schools
197. the smell of hotels
10. the feeling of freshly shaved legs in between bed sheets
467. hearing street noise 
612. being around well-behaved kids
15. bold nail polish
528. finding a new way to do my hair
101. made-for-girls boxer shorts
582. becoming better at something
544. sweatshirt & jeans days
104. to play "four on a couch" 
118. heart-of-pine floors
603. flipping through a book with a pen in my hand
143. classical music radio stations


please sir said...

Yes I need to work on the getting out of bed thing...oh I could stay there forever!

Blair said...

I love the concept behind your list. Truly a great idea! I may just have to start one myself.

pve design said...

my list would be endless.
love this.

notebookdoodles said...

i always enjoy reading your list =) keep them coming!


marta said...

yes, love this list, please keep going. high school musicals - the absolute best. and made for girl boxer shorts? i need some! your cookie recipes may just be on my list this weekend.

thank you. xo.



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