November 18, 2009
this evening i am avoiding any thoughts of unpacking and organizing and instead am musing over front door decor. i was thumbing through all the wreaths i've starred in google reader in the past few weeks and thought i'd share the prettiness here. blogland is fairly bursting with them these days. everybody else must be thinking what i'm thinking. namely, wreaths are so cool. they speak 'we're really settled in here' to me. i am so glad to have unearthed the traditional green one i procured from the post-christmas sales '08 during the move last weekend. i've grown to appreciate wreaths more as i've grown older and realized that they in fact do not have to include potpurri-looking items. someday soon, maybe, hopefully i will get something up on our entry. that would really round off my holidays.
meanwhile, grant is putting up a post so i can have me a genuine mailbox. hooray. and i think i may try out my new dishwasher. just for kicks. and to brush the moving dust from my dishes.
01. bloom 02. caroline armelle 03. sweet paul (by way of design crush) 04. lindsay (again, via dc)


Anonymous said...

Ooh, those are pretty! Have fun settling in :)

Amanda said...

so much is happening in your and grant's sweet little life. It's fun to plan decor and then actually have the chance to execute it.

hopefully moving/unpacking has being going smoothly!

John and Teresa said...

ok, i am sooo making #1! how fun would it be to switch out the ribbon for different holidays?



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