February 3, 2010
this kitchen corner is cram-jammed with things to admire, but the one that i'm stuck on is that stack of perfect pink plates in the drying rack. how pretty. i wonder if i could pull off pink dishes.. maybe. just a small collection for birthdays and springtime.. that would be lovely.
spotted by mrs. french.


marta said...

...and valentine's day.

yes yes, those dishes are dreamy.

Katherine said...

That is a very pretty kitchen! I was noticing pretty chicken wire design on the cupboard doors and realized you can see her utility buckets underneath. How bold! I would have been worried about my buckets looking pretty, but these look just fine and still very homey and useful.

natalie said...

love the picture. woulnd't that be awesome to have cupboards like that? you could definitely pull off pink dishes. they would be the special dishes your daughters would want to use when they eat with their mommy!

Sarah T. said...

My mom has some pretty pastel dishes that she's slowly collected off of ebay. They remind her of her childhood and we just use them once in a while. She also has the cutest little dessert bowls to match. They're the perfect size for a scoop of ice cream or some chocolate pudding.



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