November 29, 2010

the time has come. today is decorating day! i'm even skipping laundry in celebration. a wintry mix is falling, the pine candle is burning, my christmas playlists are in rotation, and the boxes from the basement are about to come up. yay!!

so how was your thanksgiving? mine was awesome. it was sweet and relaxing and fun to be home. i did a few other things, but mostly i ate. and left my dishes in mom's sink. (you're the best, mom!) there were barely enough meals to cover everything i wanted to eat, but somehow i squeezed it all in. and we got everything checked off our list! i love when that happens.

grandma's rolls- check.
mom's rolls- check.
sleeping in- check.
macy's parade- check.
turkey, honey ham, green bean casserole, corn casserole, dressing- check.
jello salad- check.
games- check. (farkle, balderdash, take 4, steal-a-word, acquire... all my favorites!)
starbucks egg nog latte- check.
playing the piano- a tiny check, but still.
chipotle, red mango, and five guys- check.
christmas shopping- check.
football- check.
whole foods, trader joe's- check.
(as you can see, we have to squeeze in as many city errands as possible while we're there.)
3 jars of our favorite peanut butter- check.
box of clementines- check.
movies and an awesome pixar documentary- check.
my native target- check.
$10.00 jeans!!!- check. and check.
pizza- check.
4:20 am alarm for shopping- check.
leftover turkey sandwiches- check.
harry potter!- check.
putting up the tree- check.
the hanging of the ornaments- check.
the promise of seeing everybody again in a few weeks- yay.

hope your holiday was as full and happy as ours. 
have fun decking your halls!!


Misplaced Country Girl said...

I couldn't bare it anymore and had to deck my halls a week ago. Now I'm just patiently waiting for snow. Only I'm not doing a very good job being patient about it. I WANT SNOW!

My birthday is Wednesday and I've told everyone that the only present I want is snow. But, it looks like it's supposed to be a bright sunny day so no snow for me. Boo!

The Minnesotan with the German-Irish Name said...

Oh, Five Guys! We just got one here, and when I stopped for lunch on a whim--WOW! I ended up bursting into the condo with a greasy bag of french fries, yelling "YOU HAVE TO TRY THESE FRIES!!" Scared Ben half to death.

P.S. I'm actually posting on my blog now, if you want to take a look!

Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

$10 jeans?! You lucky duck.

Bonnie said...

wow! you really got to do a lot of fun things over Thanksgiving...sounds like so much fun. We'll be putting up our tree in a couple of days!

nataliep. said...

wow! what a fun time. so glad to read you got to do everything on your list. what a fun thanksgiving weekend!

Nichole said...

Okay, Summer, if you love have to try Scentsy. Scentsy has over 80 amazing fragrances, especially this time of year! Go to to find out more and order. They are amazing wickless candles (i.e., won't leave a hint of soot in that new place of yours!).



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