January 23, 2013
Happy Wednesday, everybody! I hope you're having a great week so far.  

Things here are...
chilly. ordinary. cakey. citrusy. printy. gmail-y. soupy. getting rid of cable-y. Imogen Heap-y. 
I am wishing... 
I updated Hadley's blog more. Heating our house didn't cost so much money. You could've heard Grant teach our Sunday School class this week- he is such a skilled teacher. For more snow, waaaay more snow. Basketball games were done! (almost!)
I'm glad I...
finally cleaned the toilets. took all the too-small clothes out of Hadley's dresser. made cake this week. dvr'd Toy Story 3 around Christmastime, because a certain little girl loves it. 
I need to tell you...
thanks for the great comments on Monday!! I loved finding out how long some of you have been tuning in to this blog of mine! You guys are awesome and I love you for encouraging me with your faithful readership. 
and.... there are 2 NEW PRINTS in the shop for you to peek at! I've had them set aside for a long time now and couldn't wait to debut them after the holidays. They're super sunny and upbeat, just what January needs. Please have a look!

Check them out at THE SHOP.

A few instagrams from this week: 

1/ squeezing fresh lemon juice to make the dressing for this salad  2/ Hadley is obsessed with clementines
3/ kale ripped up for this soup   4/ our busy stovetop, where the dutch oven never leaves
5/ a loaf version of my german chocolate cake   6/ Grant teaching Sunday School

ps. Have you been learning Promise #2 this week? Me too! "The eyes of all wait upon you and you give them their meat in due season. You open your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing." Psalm 145:15

Download the update 50 PROMISES list right here!


A Wife and her Carpenter said...

Oh Summer! I'm so excited. After seeing your cheerful new prints, I immediately went over and purchased the "A Cheerful Heart is Good Medicine" one. It is speaking to my soul right now. God has been showing me how having a smile always helps in every situation! :)

Can't wait to hang it in our house...I know the perfect place!

P.S. Thank you so much for sharing your instagram pics! I don't have instagram, so it was fun to see all that has been going on!


sarah {on the brightside...} said...

I really love the first print! The tune of the song just rang in my head as soon as I saw those words! :) And the colors are beautiful!

Nichole said...

Love the cheerful heart is good medicine one. We too got rid of cable a few months ago. It was a hard detox but so worth it in many ways.

The Graff Trio said...

love, love, love... a Hadley blog?! I'd love to watch your sweet little girl grow. Your Christmas video made me just want to squeeze her.

i need to order prints from you soon! well done my talented, beautiful friend.

summer said...

@A Wife and Her Carpenter Thank you SO MUCH, Liz! I was so excited when I saw your order come in!!

@The Graff Trio Thanks, Kait! Love you lots!!

Amy said...

I love the cheery messages in these prints! The first one especially resonated - I've been struggling with infertility this past year, and I think I may have to adopt your words as my new motto. :o) I just ordered it so I can have a constant reminder!

Also, I missed the boat on the last post, but I've been a longtime reader - I think you had sewn a new skirt for Easter in the first post I stumbled across... Anyway, I love catching a glimpse of life in another corner of Minnesota; this little space you've created is among my favorites! Thank you!

A Place to Reside said...

I know we're only on week two, but the promise verses have already been a real blessing to me. They have been leading me in meditating on God and His word in those random, little snippets of time that appear throughout the day.

Amanda said...

The prints are beautiful, Summer! So cheery :)



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