April 17, 2013
Good morning!! Let's talk about breakfast. Last week a friend on facebook asked for some breakfast ideas for her kids, other than cereal. A favorite topic of mine! As a recovering cereal-junkie myself, I love brainstorming breakfast and hearing what other people do. What do you eat for breakfast? 

For about 2 years now I've laid off cereal and rallied my other options. I'm toying with the idea of making granola again since we've found a place to buy good milk. But honestly, I'm hopelessly devoted to eggs. Our breakfast ritual right now is fried eggs and sauerkraut. It's so fast and Hadley loves it, as proven by the stompy little dance she does when I tell her "Your eggs are ready!" (It probably helps that she doesn't know cereal exists yet.) I cut up the eggs into bite-size pieces for her and she either uses her hands or practices stabbing them with a fork. The 'kraut is usually stuffed in her mouth by hand. We're only able to do eggs every day because we have a couple sources of inexpensive local farm eggs-- praise the Lord! But I'm a fan of big breakfasts, so sometimes I have eggs and something else. We aren't eating a lot of smoothies or yogurt lately, and we hardly ever have oatmeal, but I often soak rice or quinoa to make a hot cereal or have a slice of cornbread or banana bread on the side. Here's what I keep in mind for options (with links to almost all the recipes):


Scrambled or fried eggs
Homemade sausage 
(to make I just combine my favorite spices and some maple syrup with good quality ground beef, pork, or turkey, then shape it into patties and fry)
Bacon (preferably without added chemicals)

Roasted breakfast potatoes
Roasted zucchini with parmesan

Bread & Cake things:
Cornbread + maple syrup or honey 
(We've been keeping a stack of pancakes in the fridge for fast toasting on school mornings for Grant- the freezer would be great, too!)

Hot Cereals:
Leftovers from last night's dinner
Fruit + nut butter

How about you? Do you start the day with juice, coffee, or tea? Do you like cold leftovers for breakfast? Toast? French toast?!
Tell me your breakfast ritual! I really want to know. 


Arliss said...

We were sick to death of plain eggs at our house, so I tried these the other day, and they are soooo good. http://allrecipes.com/recipe/scrambled-egg-muffins-2/

Kelly said...

I actually can't eat eggs right now because my breastfed 14 month old is allergic to eggs. I miss them so much! But it's fine, whatever it takes to keep him healthy! I eat a lot of steel cut oats with fruit, and we do make vegan waffles or pancakes with berries on top on the weekend. I can still eat breakfast meats...nitrate free sausage and bacon, yum! I also love avocado on toast, it's very filling.

Hannah said...

We do steel cut oats with fresh raspberries and bananas almost everyday. We switch up the fruit, but that combo is a fav.

On our non-oatmeal days, we make green smoothies and/or English muffins with egg and black forest ham.

We aren't cold cereal eaters (or trying not to be) and pancakes/waffles are usually reserved for special occasions.

Jennifer Lange said...

We don't eat cold cereal either. It's not anywhere near filling enough for my husband or I. Not near enough protein or fat.

Personally, I would eat scrambled eggs with cheese and salsa every single day but my husband gets bored of them so we try to mix it up. It ends up mostly being different kinds of eggs though. What can I say? I love eggs!

I recently made up the most amazing breakfast. It was a fresh salmon patty with a little cheese melted on top, a thick slice of tomato, a fried egg, and some garlic, lemon, basil sauce on top. Oh my goodness. It was magical. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

The Webbs said...

We are pretty excited about juicing over here right now but I always add something with girth for the little ones. We are having granola, eggs and broccoli (my kids fav), and simply some fruit and almonds. Love all these ideas!

Carissa Knight said...

I love cooking a pot of oatmeal, rice, quinoa or millet to have on hand for the week. I usually top it with peanut butter, banana, or all-fruit preserves. My hubby loves homemade granola with locally made yogurt. On Sundays, we traditionally have green smoothies. Breakfast is my favorite meal, so I'm always trying new recipes!

Andrea DeVries said...

I always make French press coffee--it's so easy! If you have a kettle (I prefer an inexpensive--like $12 electric one), the press, and some high quality coffee, you're set!
Steel cut oats, greek yogurt, and (recently) cinnamon vanilla rice are favorites too :)

sarah {on the brightside...} said...

My breakfast favorites are omelets with peppers, onions & mushrooms or oatmeal with peaches. Often I have tea or just water. I am not a coffee drinker. Sometimes I do have cereal or whatever baked goodies I have made recently... and I do occasionally have pancakes & bacon on the weekends!

Thanks for sharing the recipes! Breakfast is a fun topic... hehe! :)

The Minnesotan with the German-Irish Name said...

I love fried rice for breakfast, either leftover or "new." If I'm really in a hurry I'll just use rice, eggs, and soy sauce, but it's easy to add leftover meat and some frozen veggies.

I also like the traditional Turkish breakfast: bread, yogurt, jam, cucumbers, tomatoes, maybe some cheese. If I were really Turkish, there would be olives, too.

kristin said...

i love this! my kids have had the taste of the sweet cereals... mainly because sometimes when i'm seeing sales at the cheap-o stores, i give in. what a silly thing, since they lament our good food so much. i would have given my left toe for my mom to make me yummy food from scratch. - the kiddos get it, and wish for the crazy processed, sugary cereal (i give in rarely... for several reasons... but one of the biggest is that my kids are WAY too hungry so soon after eating a handful of bowls)



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