April 15, 2013

This week I'm liking...

1. Yummy, skinny-stemmed, in-season asparagus with this easy roasted chicken dinner

2. Listening to some good jazz. Have I ever told you that I married into a crazy talented family? Yes. I did. A week ago we were able to hear my brother-in-law and his jazz quintet play live. They are so, so great. I could listen to their music all day. And I have been this week! If you're a jazz lover or just need a couple songs for good background music while making/eating dinner, search "Jason Harms Quintet" in the iTunes store. A few of my favorites are "Run John Run," "Yet Will I Exalt in the Lord," and "Give Me Jesus." (Jason is the jazz instructor at Bethel University, for those of you who go there!)

3. Just finished Killing Lincoln. Ironically, I finished it on the anniversary of his assassination. After a bit of a slow start, I really flew through it and liked it a lot. The history is so fascinating. It's the perfect preface to our Washington DC trip next month. Can't wait to go to Ford's Theater! More book recommendations coming soon in a new post.

4. I forgot to tell you guys! When I made these coconut pecan slab cookies the other day, I was making them in celebration of some great news: We are officially student loan debt free! Both Grant's undergrad and his masters are fully paid off and it feels amaaaazing. We are so excited to be done with them. Praise the Lord! 

5. Still enjoying soup-eating weather. This is her favorite. 

6. Birthday is one week from today. Ahhhhh! Last year I made this cake and it was insane! 

7. Grant's early birthday present for me was a stash of good quality decaf coffee, and this week I am learning how to use a french press! Also, my friends are giving me good tips on how to make the perfect iced coffee. I've never been a daily coffee drinker, never even owned a coffeemaker actually, but it's always been my special treat when we're near Starbucks. Now that I'm making it for myself I'm a little clueless, so feel free to advise. :)

8. Hadley is at the age where she seems so capable. She is completely iPad proficient, she is constantly grabbing paper and "writing" things down, she's dependable (putting away dishes without being asked), and she's joking around with us. And the words are coming! Slowly, but surely, we're hearing her voice. Fun! 


Bec said...
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Erin {Erin Ink} said...

This is the iced coffee recipe that I make...so yummy! Make sure you use a cheese cloth to strain the coffee...I didn't have one the first time I made it and it is a lot easier to make with one. http://cravingcomfort.blogspot.com/2011/07/last-iced-coffee-recipe-youll-ever-need.html

Love your blog! :)



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