December 6, 2013
It is teeth-chattering cold here. We're having record low temperatures... like put plastic over your windows and hope your car starts temperatures. (We really do have plastic over all of our upstairs windows, all winter long.) When Grant went to school this morning it was -15° and the high for today is 0°. brrrr.

Whether you're pregnant or not, these record low temps induce a kind of nesting instinct. I haven't left the house in days. I'm living in my slippers, closing off unused rooms in our house (to conserve heat for more important places), sitting on the living room rug packing 50 Promises to ship to you guys, folding clean clothes and putting on more layers, balancing mugs of cocoa on my huge baby belly, and wanting to bake e v e r y t h i n g. Muffins, chocolate crinkle cookies, cranberry orange cake, peanut butter balls, etc... these are just a few of the ideas that I've been toying with throughout the day. Can't decide what to do first. Clearly, life decisions.
So, my motto for today is going to be: keep cozy and stick close to your oven. And since I'm sure it's cold where you're at too, and because it's Christmastime, you should probably join me! Turn on some Bing Crosby, tie on an apron, and let's make something! Here's a collection of some of my December favorites-- recipes and more-- from years past.

 | 1. the best granola ever, perfect for a homemade gift  2. Christmasy Clove Oranges  3. our absolute favorite King-Size Chocolate Chip Cookies  4. the original buttery and delicate Snowy Oatmeal Crispies | 

| 1. a cozy mug of homemade chai  2. a cut-and-paste December Diary  3. 50 things to do at Christmastime  4. a simple and inexpensive sack lunch advent calendar

| 1. Dirty Snowballs (peanut butter, banana, coconut awesomeness)  2. a crazy good holiday brunch menu: Gingerbread Waffles and Spinach Parmesan Flatbread  3. Christmas Tacos tradition + Heidi's Chipotle Marinade  4. Candy Coconut Sprinkles (used to make the dirty snowballs) |

| 1. Raspberry Hot Chocolate made with creamy coconut milk  2. Grandma's Classic Spritz Cookies  3.  (not pictured) a post about Holiday Hospitality  4. (not pictured) Little Women, the book and the movie | 

Have a great weekend, guys. Keep cozy and happy Christmasing! 


The Minnesotan with the German-Irish Name said...

I was chilly and put on hot water for tea this morning. Then I looked at the thermostat and discovered the indoor temp (with the heat off) was 77.

This is what living in the desert does to you.

Stephanie Parker said...

So many great recipes!

It was 75 degrees here in Alabama today. I am hoping it cools off so I can get in the Christmas spirit soon!

Christina said...

Oh, it is so cold here. Like, liternally colder than it is at the South Pole or in Northern Greenland. You're right. It's perfect weather for making. (And drinking copious amounts of tea.)

Donya Luana said...

No snow here in TX, but we are experiencing temperatures in the 30s. Took out my MN winter jacket for the first time since moving here today! & this cool weather is definitely helping to make it feel like Christmas. I think we'll get the Spritz maker out tomorrow! :D Stay warm up there in MN!

Laura Murphy said...

These photos are so, so lovely. Oh that white barn! That could be a backdrop to a gorgeous Christmas card!

Yes, we've been staying inside as much as possible. I'm so glad I home school my daughter!

I love your cocoa recipe. I make cocoa with chocolate powder and brown sugar (not too much), but the splash of nog is an excellent idea.

Stay safe and warm. I can't wait to hear your baby name. You did well with Hadley so I'm sure you've picked a good one. (Did you ever read my post on baby names? I'm super-opinionated. It's hard to keep quiet when people keep choosing poor names...)




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